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mufin is a leading expert for audio identification and music recommendation software solutions powered by its own patented advanced audio fingerprinting technology.


mufin‘s software solution for audio identification allows you as a broadcaster, content producer, advertiser, brand, app developer or service provider to bridge the gap between TV (on-air) and a companion device (online), enabling


Real-time identification of any audio content, e.g. recognition of TV or radio channel, TV series or shows, TV advertisement, movies etc.,
Synchronization between broadcasted, recorded or on-demand content and interactive applications on companion devices, e.g. second screen or multi-screens such as tablets, smartphones and laptops and
A unique synchronized interactive user experience

mufin‘s software solution for music recommendation enables video & audio online services, music streaming service providers, media research companies and music download stores to offer and benefit from:


A simplified search and recommendations within the music library based on sound, mood and much more
A generation of perfectly matched playlists to guarantee your customers a unique music experience
An appealing visualization and navigation function to explore digital music collections in a whole new way

To find out more about mufin‘s software solutions for audio identification and music recommendation please take a closer look at our compilation of use cases.

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